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Why do we wear organic cotton shirts?

Eco-friendly fabrics are more available every year as a result of their growing popularity. They are still associated with higher prices.

Organic fabrics, recycled and sustainable are perfect for the environment and need significantly fewer water to be processed.To learn more about best cotton heritage t shirt then you may search online.

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Organic cotton production

For a very long time, the environment has been neglected for the sake of technology. Pollution get worse and worse. Using harmful chemicals every day has become a normal part of life, especially for certain industries such as those who produce clothing.

Large clothing manufacturers that have large areas of cotton plantations very often use chemicals such as synthetic and pesticides based only to ensure that their cotton production will be at a high level. This large volume of hazardous chemicals is needed to maintain cotton production.

What most of us do not know is that fertilizers and pesticides damage the environment and human health. They are also responsible for destroying natural nutrients found on agricultural land.

The terrible thing is the discovery that cotton workers who are exposed to chemical-based fertilizers are susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Another bad thing is that birds are in the cotton field pain or death due to exposure to chemicals. Organic cotton shirts always protect human and animal welfare, their production is salvation for the environment, and we must only support the shirt.

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