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What Is Hybrid Cannabis?

Hybrid cannabis plants are those that combine the characteristics of both Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plants. This is depending on its genetic lineage. Most of today's marijuana is hybrids that are either Indica-, Sativa, or both. It is difficult to find "landrace" strains of cannabis that retain their native characteristics in today's global cross-breeding market.

You can also buy the best hybrid strains online.

10 Best Hybrid Strains 2021 - The Lodge Cannabis

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The hybrid cannabis plants of today may have taller, bushier, thinner leaves than their landrace counterparts, but they also have unique characteristics that make them stand out.

What is it different from Indica and Sativa?

We've been using Indica and Sativa for a while, but we now know that this is incorrect. Because Indica and Sativa all belong to the Cannabis Sativa L. species on a molecular basis. 

We cannot attribute any effects to Sativa or Indica, but to the entourage effect that all marijuana strains experience when they enter the body. The entourage effect refers to the belief that cannabinoids (not just Indica or Sativa), phytones, and flavonoids all combine to create a unique experience for each one of us.

There are many varieties of cannabis that could be included in this list, as most of the cannabis available in dispensaries can be considered a mix. We were able to narrow it down to five of our favorite hybrid strains.

Each strain's availability depends on many factors. Don't be afraid, however, to visit your local cannabis dispensaries to ask about other hybrid marijuana strains. There are many different varieties of cannabis that you can try, and the experts at can help.

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