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What Does An Urban Planner Do?

As a planner for urban areas, your job is to direct the growth of a newly established or existing community, while focusing on environmental and social well-being. 

A good urban planner will also take a sustainable, climate-informed, and eco-friendly approach that manages the environment promotes longevity and reduces the risk of disasters. You can opt for services from the best urban planning firms online.

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What Does an Urban Planner Do?

Urban planners serve as an advocate for the community and should keep their best interests in mind. Yet, it becomes increasingly difficult to juggle land use, code enforcement, resources, economic development, and even transportation alongside urban development. 

Some tasks an urban planner might come across regularly include but are not limited to:

1. Planning green spaces and community facilities.

2. Evaluate transportation trends and implement transportation plans that are in conjunction with the needs of the community.

3. Ensure affordable housing.

4. Manage the amount of single-family and multi-family homes within an area/neighborhood.

5. Work to ensure that there are adequate sewer and water services for a community.

6. Work to maintain structures around the city.

7. Plan for the construction and existence of new buildings.

An urban planner must assess pedestrian comfort and wind levels in the planning phase to mitigate these unsavory risks and eventual outcomes. Luckily, today it is easier than ever to test and evaluate an urban design with CFD software and create design iterations. In short, plan for the pedestrian, but go about your planning in a smarter, time-efficient way with cloud-based simulation.

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