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Ways to Wean Your Baby off Thumb Sucking

Babies usually suck their thumbs because they have a natural rooting and sucking reflex. This reflex causes them to put their thumbs / fingers in their mouth. Thumb sucking is also believed to make the baby feel safe and secure. Some infants develop this habit when they need comforting, especially when going to sleep.

Babies can start sucking their thumb on since the 29th week of pregnancy. This custom evolved since they were born and can hold up to 2-3 years. However, most children stop doing this by the time they are 6 months old. You can visit the Amazon Uk website to purchase devices for finger sucking deterrence in children.

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How to Stop Thumb Sucking In Infants

1. Try and limit the times

Start by limiting your child's thumb-sucking to bed or before a nap. Try and explain to them that suck your thumb should not be done in public.

2. Warn About Germs

Warn your children about germs on his / her hands and how the thumb sucking can cause the infection to spread germs and trigger the disease.

3. Try out Some Chewelry

Turning to Chewelry, which is basically a chewable jewelry, can help your child stop sucking her thumb. You may find many options for this online.

4. Observe When They Tend To Do It

Children tend to suck their thumbs either during a nap or while watching television. Observe your child’s favorite thumb sucking time. If it is while watching television, go ahead and switch it off for a few minutes.