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Truffle Salt and Oil

What are Truffle Salt and why is it so special? Truffle salt is made from a mushroom that grows on the South African Alps. It has only recently become a popular ingredient in cooking, but it seems to be making a huge splash in the world of fine dining. Because black truffle salt typically uses real chunks of truffle, and since it's cheaper than truffle itself, it's been incredibly popular ever since.

But what exactly is Truffle Salt anyway? And why is it a long way from its home in the Alps? A trip to France will confirm this one, France is known for its luxurious cooking and Truffle Salt just happens to be a close runner-up to that title. While Truffle is made from the bark of the mushroom, in French they call it Origin, which simply means "wild mushroom" and is thus not related to the truffle.

This long way, of course, also means that it's more expensive than most other salts. The higher price tag is simply because it's rare and therefore more sought after. Black summer truffles, which are sold in France and in the surrounding region of France and neighboring areas like Switzerland and Italy, are a very common product and are also very expensive. Truffle salt, on the other hand, is a product that's grown on a mushroom that's harvested in the Alps, hence the reason why it's expensive. This, of course, means that the product is rarely harvested worldwide, meaning that its purity and flavor are generally higher.

So what can you use black truffle salt for? As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things you can do with it. Most people use it for baking purposes, although there are some who use it in candies, chocolate sauces, and even as a garnish to garnish wine. There are many who use it for sprinkling on top of foods. And since the flavor is usually quite strong, it can stand alone without much assistance or be used in conjunction with other seasonings and herbs.

For instance, instead of buying truffles that have been salted, many Italian cooks are starting to buy Italian truffles that are simply seasoned with salt and then dried. This creates a very similar flavor to Italian mushrooms but doesn't require salting. The flavor is much like saffron, which is usually found in Middle Eastern cuisine. This goes well with meats, pasta dishes, desserts, and many other foods.

A similar recipe comes in with the dish Gorgonzola with truffle salt on top and shredded broccoli on top. I love this dish, but also enjoy using it on sandwiches. You can take a plain Gorgonzola shell and top with a bit of shredded broccoli and sprinkle it with truffle salt and place this on a slice of whole-wheat sourdough bread. Makes a great sandwich!

One last great thing to try is a truffle oil-based Italian sauce. This works great on seafood, chicken, veal, and even fish. It's a little bit different than making a simple pasta sauce, but it's definitely worth a shot. Just heat some olive oil and cook your ingredients together for a few minutes until the sauce is a smooth consistency. Use a food processor or a blender to mix everything together until it's a smooth consistency.

You'll notice that when you're cooking with truffle salt and oil, you'll need to use less olive oil. This makes the dish taste more like authentic Italian food. If you have a high-fat recipe, you should adjust the amount of olive oil in your recipe accordingly. Overall, this is a very easy and healthy way to do a ton of cooking and get a lot done in a quick amount of time.

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