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The Importance Of Tissue Procurement

Human bodies are made up of billions upon billions of cells. These cells are organized according to structure and function. There are many types of tissue such as epithelial, muscle, nervous, and connective tissues. Organ procurement refers to the process of obtaining organs or tissues to support research or save lives. This complex process often involves multiple medical professionals working in different settings.

To ensure fairness and efficiency, both state and federal legislation have been passed. This helps to ensure that all organs and tissues donated for transplant are equally distributed. These biospecimens can also be frozen using formalin to preserve DNA, RNA and proteins. This reduces tissue loss. The tissue is sent to laboratories of tissue procurement such as for further processing and storage. Some biospecimens may be formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens. These samples can be kept at room temperature for many, many years.

Cancer Tissue and Pathology | Winship Cancer Institute

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Another option is to freeze the specimens with liquid nitrogen, and store it in specialized freezers that maintain the required temperature. A certified pathologist reviews the quality of each specimen. This unique identification is used to make it easier to retrieve the specimens when needed. This information usually includes information like gender and age.


Several biomedical entrepreneurs offer services such as:

  • The storage and collection of normal or diseased tissue after surgery or autopsy.
  • For cell research, providing fresh tissue (e.g. tumor tissue).
  • Bank processing and bank deposit of biospecimens (such blood) from patients with cancer.
  • Maintaining a tissue database with links to clinicopathological information.
  • Provide pathological review and histological staining for biospecimens
  • Coordinate consent from donors and assure them about regulatory compliance.
  • The possibility of obtaining human tissue allows researchers to maximize their access to these tissues.

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