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The Historical and Anthropological Migration Of Some African Foods That You Should Know

The crockery ate around the world with clear African roots. There are many cuisines from around the world that have their roots in Africa, many people do not realize that because they do not know much of their origin. I carefully sought popular dishes and detailed their African origin. Some of which are;

* Masala – South Indian dish; Identical to NSALA – Nigerian Southeast Disk / Sauce, mainly made with spices, without oil. (Do you know that there are about 30 million African heritage people in present India?).

* Nyoki – Italian dish (Nyoki Romana, Nyoki Napolitana, etc.); Made with corn or corn; the Same thing as Nni-Oka – southeast Nigerian dish, made with cornmeal, in the form of dough and eaten with a stew of choice. You can view the recipe for pilaf seasoning online.

* Tapioca in Brazil (Gari in Nigeria / Ghana) grated manioc roots and fries; In Brazil – used as an essential accompaniment with most main dishes. In Nigeria – used as the main dish and eaten stews or snacks with roasted peanuts.

* Akaraje – A bean, popular in Brazil, Barbados, Cuba; Known like Akara or Kwosei in Nigeria (Kosei -ghana), made with black-eyed beans, spices, onions and fried.

* Jerk chicken – Introduced by Africans caught in slavery in the Jamaican Islands; Roasted with grilled meat cuts and well seasoned. Jerk – A given name to describe the jerky movement of the cup of cooking.

* Jambalaya – The "Mother of Rice Dishes", similar to Jollof Riz (Nigeria) or (Wolof Rice – Gambia). Different descriptions are located in most kitchens of the world – Ploff (Russia), Pilaf (Indian), Risotto (Italian), Paella (Spanish). It is a practical dish, where you "twin" various ingredients and cook with rice! Can be cooked with a choice of meat, fish, and vegetables.


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