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The Defective Airbags And Their Injuries

Since 1998, airbags have been a standard feature in automobiles. General Motors introduced airbags to its 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado as an option for passengers. These options were extended to the driver's seat in 1974 and 1975. These airbags were flawed in design and caused a lot of deaths. 

One can hire gm airbag class action lawyers to file a case against General Motors. GM stopped using the airbag idea after about a decade. Ford introduced the concept of an airbag in 1984 with some modifications to its design. They became a standard feature in most cars by 1994. They became a standard feature on all cars in 1998.

GM Airbag Recall Adds 7M Vehicles to Record Breaking 60M Recall - Top Class Actions

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To be effective, airbags need to inflate quickly. Airbags are often released from the steering wheel hub or passenger side dashboard at speeds exceeding 100 mph. A passenger inside a car often suffers minor injuries like burns or abrasions when an airbag deploys. These consequences are not always pleasant, but they are better than more serious injuries.

However, sometimes fatal or serious injuries can occur. These injuries are more severe if the person is too close or in direct contact with an airbag module that deploys. 

An unconscious driver may sustain this type of injury if they are unable to control their steering wheel, or if passengers slide forward during pre-crash brakes. Not properly restrained people who are too close to the wheel can also be at risk of serious airbag injuries.

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