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What Are The Onboarding Steps To Be Taken For Hiring An Employee?

Employee history

Every employee goes through a natural schedule with the employer. Schedules indicate typical work phases in an organization. Whenever an employee leaves one company and is hired by another, that employee’s new hire onboarding software requirements are restarted. 

To fully understand the value of behavioral participation, three phases of the employee schedule are discussed: selection, inclusion, and development.

Selection process

Before being hired, all candidates go through a selection process. Companies have different philosophies when it comes to the hiring process. Many companies go to great lengths to find, evaluate, interview, and finally select the best fit for the job. 

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Inclusion process

After a candidate is selected for a position, the inclusion process begins. In general, the inclusion process consists of everything related to the early days of work in an organization. Items that have traditionally been included are salaried documentation, government forms, company-issued password assignments, employee manual reviews, systematic training, and more. 

In addition, companies can use the first part of a new employee's tenure in orientation meetings, training, and other activities that will help the new employee accelerate their new role. The traditional focus of inclusion is on basic forms, abilities, and skills.

Development process

The employee development process usually comes later in the work plan. Many employers will systematically implement programs to help workers increase their job-related responsibilities.