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Healthy Cooking Oils – How They Make You Sick

Soybean oil and canola oil are found in nearly every household in the United States, and their presence is evident in nearly all ready-to-eat foods in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and restaurants.

One of the other, and often both, oil is ubiquitous in nearly all baked goods, candy, chocolate, cakes, snacks, french fries, salads, spices, muesli, and countless other foods. This oil is very common because it is cheap, easy to use, and generally healthy when treated naturally with minimal processing.

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However, the demand for these lowest-priced oils has increased so dramatically that the natural conditions and minimal processes are long gone. Today, nearly all commercial soybean and canola oil in America is made from genetically modified Monsanto "Roundup Ready" (RR) cultures. In 1997, more than 90 percent of soybean in the United States was grown conventionally, but in just ten years, Monsanto's biotech crops reached 90 percent. The number of genetically modified RR rapes was almost identical.

The low prices of these genetically modified oils have led to the aggressive development of biotechnological versions of other oleaginous crops, including saffron, sunflower, and palm oil. In addition, the low cost of the genetically modified crops led to a massive scam program that dilutes the more expensive oil, usually olive oil.

While the health effects of genetically modified soy and canola varieties are hotly debated, more worrying "side effects" have emerged recently. Monsanto is aggressively selling RR GM seeds to not only dominate global soy and canola growth but also to sell weed and Roundup fertilizer – both sold as packages and RR is the destination for GM crops.

A paper recently published in a scientific study reveals shocking news: The remains of Roundup are harvested, and this poison causes cellular damage in humans in very small amounts. The study found that some of these formulations caused DNA damage and cell death within 24 hours.