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What Is Employee Activity Tracking Software and How to Use It

It is very important for companies to know how their employees do their jobs. With the help of employee tracking software, owners take control of their company.

What is employee tracking software?

This software can be installed on a server or on a remote monitor on your local network. You can monitor the internet activity of everyone on your office network.

Activity tracking software is a great way to increase productivity and return on investment. It Allows to track business activities or monitors emails and attachments to prevent security breaches and hacking attacks.

What are the main features of activity tracking software?

User tracking software has server and client applications that can be installed remotely on any remote computer on the network and are completely invisible to the user. 

Many software companies offer a variety of key functions. The most common and used is that you can easily see each user's desktop. You have a complete picture of keystrokes, passwords, emails, and chat conversations. 

What are the benefits of tracking employee activity?

Employee activity can be monitored on any computer across the LAN, and remote Internet activity tracking can be performed by a single computer administrator.

It gives the most detailed information about what, how, and when users on your network have done it. This software can track user activity on the Internet, you can secretly monitor employees' computers without their knowledge