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Methods Used By A Website Designer To Speed Load Times

Great website design is only partly due to page views. Great website designers know that it's also about ease of navigation, overall look and feel, the impression of the website on visitors, and loading speed. When people get used to high-speed internet, they lose patience with every page that loads slowly, and they don't wait – they just click for a few seconds.

Contact your web designer:

While many people know that their website designer can use a number of methods, and business owners worried about what to do to improve their online presence should contact their web designer. As mobile devices become ubiquitous due to which mobile web design and development increases, limiting graphics and improving website functionality for the sake of speed and loading time is critical as websites need to load very fast. 

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Some other methods your website designer can use are:

  • Implement simple data caching to reduce the number of database queries in HTML with PHP sites.
  • Provide JavaScript at the bottom of the page.
  • Implement Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as external style definitions throughout the website.
  • Optimize your images with image editing software to ensure that they are compressed to the smallest possible useful file size.
  • Consider implementing an external imaging service as this is also a good option for reducing bandwidth.
  • By applying these methodologies and best practices to common sense, your website designer can speed things up and keep more visitors to your website.