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Midget Sprint Car Engine Warmer Or Heater

Engine block heaters are often used in areas with severe winters. Starting a cold engine can cause problems and potentially cause unnecessary wear on the engine block. 

Micro sprint engine warmer or heater is easy to find in all parts of the country and can be purchased from any auto parts dealer. While you don't need them, it's a good idea in certain areas of the country.


Radiator hose heaters are not as common as other types of heaters, but they are effective nonetheless. They are glued to the top hose of the radiator and heat the coolant from here. They are easiest to install, requiring only a screwdriver and access to the pipe.

Block heater

This is the most efficient type of heater available, but it also tends to be expensive compared to other heating types. Even so, some heaters are available for under $ 50. They plug directly into the engine block and keep coolant and oil warm. They are made for a specific car model but can be found or ordered online or at any auto parts store. Setup can be tricky, but can be done with a little time and a few tools.

Blankets for heating

For those who live in areas with low, but infrequent temperatures, overhead heaters can be a good alternative to some other types of heating. They work in a very similar way to regular electric blankets, except that they are designed for use in harsh conditions. They plug into a standard socket and you simply place them on top of your vehicle's engine block. They keep engine, oil and fluids warm at night.