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Why SEO Matters for Medical Practices?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, remains an essential component of any successful medical marketing program. The right SEO strategy can increase visibility, gain credibility, and attract new patients to your medical practice.

With 72% of Internet users have searched online for health information in the past year, it’s undeniable that search engines like Google and Bing are a valuable channel for attracting new patients to your medical practice. Of these searches, 60% of Google traffic goes to the first three results, so the right SEO strategy is key to ensuring your practice ranks near the top, where patients will see it. If you are also involved in the healthcare industry, then you must hire medical practice seo agency via

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If your medical practice is new to search engine optimization, here’s an overview of how it works – and why it’s worth the investment.

At its most fundamental level, search engine optimization works because search algorithms are looking to match the intent behind a user’s search query to relevant results. For example, if a potential patient is searching for a “primary care physician near me,” the algorithm will show the results for physicians or medical practices in the patient’s area.

Medical marketers should also focus on establishing their site’s authority on key topics related to the services they provide. For instance, search engines tend to rank sites higher that publish new content regularly. This means that a practice posting blogs three times per week is likely to rank higher than another that publishes only once per month, so long as it’s producing high-quality content.