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Places To Avoid Getting A Medical Marijuana Authorization

Medical marijuana clinics monitor their patients for drug side effects to ensure safe use in treating their condition. As with any doctor's office, vital signs and blood THC levels are measured to ensure that the patient adheres to the prescribed prescription. You can also get the best medical cannabis consultation services in Canada via

There are many options among patients when it comes to choosing a clinic for medical marijuana approval in Canada. Below are two places where patients should avoid their permission.

1. Pharmacies or other places that produce or grow medicinal marijuana.

This seems almost common sense, but many pharmacies which are already illegal give permission by contracting doctors to work for them on certain days and hours.

Why should this be avoided? First, many pharmacies began to refuse permits obtained from pharmacies. Second, there is an active legislature that will soon make this type of activity getting a permit at the pharmacy illegal. 

Where marijuana is produced, processed, or sold, a healthcare professional may not examine patients or suggest examinations to diagnose incurable or debilitating diseases.

While this is not a legal law, it is still important to avoid collaborating illegally with pharmacies. Pharmacies are unlikely to certify you as a patient because they do not keep or maintain medical or patient records, or do not have the infrastructure or medical staff to provide these services. 

2. Clinic exists solely for licensing purposes.

This can be difficult to measure. But a good test is to see if the doctor you see about your medical assessment of marijuana can see you about other medical problems such as the flu, cold, or other illness.