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When You Should Engage With an IRS Tax Relief Attorney

As you awoke from your bed this morning, you likely didn't anticipate looking at a tax relief lawyer. One of the most common reasons for seeking an attorney for tax relief is when they receive a letter from the IRS to collect back taxes or receive an audit. 

The audit could be an outcome of one or more of your tax returns from the past. In any case, you must get the help of an experienced IRS tax relief lawyer. You can search for to look for irs tax attorney in Orange County.

Here's when your tax return could spark interest from the IRS

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A tax relief lawyer communicates directly with the IRS on behalf of you. They are able to assist you with your audit, and also help negotiate settlements when needed. 

The Offer in Compromise Agreement In essence, an offer of compromise (OIC) is a form of contract between the IRS as well as the tax payer in order to resolve tax obligations in a lesser amount than the amount due. To be eligible for the OIC the taxpayer and their attorney must show that to IRS that you have:-

It is not possible to pay the whole amount that they request in one lump sum or a payment arrangement in time.

There is some doubt as to the exact amount of tax obligation.

Due to extraordinary circumstances, the repayment in full may create economic hardship, or be inequitable, or unfair.

In order to be eligible for the OIC and to be eligible, you and your tax relief lawyer will have to make an application and then pay for the fees, if it's applicable to your particular situation.