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7 Tips to Shine in the Eyes of Your Recruiter

Looking for a new job is full of challenges all of which can be distilled to one essential struggle: making yourself stand out to recruiters. Even the most technically qualified candidate still has to impress a recruiter who is likely already inundated with nearly identical resumes.

Following are the seven best recruitment tips for candidates to help catch the eye of executive recruiters.

1. Do Your Homework and Be Prepared

Winging it might work out for a weddings toast (it might not), but it certainly won’t for a job interview. You already know that your resume and cover letter need to be tailored to the position you’re applying to. Your interview performance is no different. Show recruiters that you understand the company and its history. Recruiters are likelier to hire someone who shows they’re not just interested in a job, but a career.

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2. Show Off Your Personality

You are more than just a resume. The best recruiters seriously consider personality when hiring, so let yours shine. In part, this means relaxing during your interview, showing enthusiasm and talking about your ideas, successes, and goals. It also means providing links to your portfolios and social media profiles. Be upfront with all the information recruitment teams are looking for. It should go without saying that you should clean up your social media profiles before sharing them with recruiters.

3. Project a Can-Do Attitude

All the qualifications in the world mean nothing with a bad attitude. In your cover letter, in your correspondence, and in your interview, project positivity and enthusiasm for the position and company you’re applying to. Attitudes are contagious and a healthy dose of passion and drive can trump experience when recruiters are comparing candidates.

4. Have a Real Conversation: Don’t Use Your Resume and Cover Letter as a Script

If you’re in an interview, there’s no need to list off bullet points from your resume and cover letter, your recruiter has already read both them. That’s why you’re there! Hand-in-hand with showing off your personality, sharing a real conversation shows off your dynamism and dimensionality.

5. Ask Questions Beyond Salary and Benefit Details

Prove to your recruiter that you’re not interested in a job, but the job that they’re hiring for. Certainly be prepared to discuss salary and benefits (remember, do your homework!), but focusing too narrowly on those topics will suggest to a recruiter that your interest in the position is solely monetary. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the company and the position you’re applying to. Recruiters want to hire someone interested in the company and deliverables and you’ll gain a better sense whether the position is a good fit for you.

6. Show What You Can Offer the Company in Terms of Actual Work and Deliverables

Recruiters will want to know in measurable terms what you can offer the company. Answer the question before it’s asked. This can mean identifying a problem or need the company may have and outlining how you might resolve the problem or satisfy the need. Similarly, you can provide an example of the work you might do if hired: outline a marketing strategy; design a landing page; write a press release.

7. Focus on Accomplishments Rather than Skills

Job listings call for desired skills and characteristics. As a result, recruiters tend to see scores of similar-looking resumes that simply list relevant skills. A great way to make you and your resume stand out is to describe measurable accomplishments made possible by your possession of those skills. How many people did you manage? How many clients did you serve? How much did you save or earn for the company? Precise information will make you stand out and give recruiters a much more precise sense of your capabilities.

Paper qualifications can only take an applicant so far on their own merit. If you have the experience, give yourself the edge and use these tips to shine in the eyes of recruiters.

HR Interview Tips For Getting Your Dream Job

While applying for any job opening, There are various steps that has to be cleared and HR interview is one of the essential steps that has to be covered. Before preparing for HR interview, it is necessary to understand the mindset of Hiring Manager. It is necessary to understand the requirement of company so that applicant can represent himself in better ways.

If you want to get more hiring manager tips, refer to

hiring manager tips
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Look up the company on the internet. You can check company profile directly on the job portals on which you are applying. Familiarize yourself more with the company because they will be encouraged if you ask educated questions during the interviews.

When you are called into the interview room, extend your right hand and say your name. Shake hands, and when invited, take a seat. Smile. Chill! Courteous small talk will follow. Relax. The interviewer will probably next pull out your resume or application and peruse it. I have mentioned some important questions generally asked in HR interviews. So, Don’t forget to prepare these questions .

There are some usual questions that is mostly asked by recruiters –

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why should I hire you?

When the interview is complete, the interviewer will thank you for coming in. You thank the interviewer for the opportunity.