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Basics To Follow To Clean the Sofa

Cleaning the sofa (couch) should be part of regular house cleaning. Also, vacuum upholstered furniture when vacuuming carpets. Vacuuming furniture removes dirt from the surface, which prevents dirt from penetrating the fibers. You can now look for professionals for house cleaning in Santa Barbara via

How to Clean a Suede Couch

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Often, the best way to keep your sofa clean is to avoid it in the first place. Perhaps the best way to avoid stains and dirt on your furniture is to implement a few "precautions" in your home. For example, don't let anyone eat on the couch or chair. Also, don't leave your shoes on the couch. 

To make sure no one forgets this rule, don't let anyone in your household wear shoes. Cigarettes, cigars or cooking smoke can also damage your tissues. If you don't have a built-in hood, place a fan on the window to suck in some air.

Don't let your four-legged family members rest on your furniture either. In addition to throwing, clawing, or "digging" both dogs and cats instinctively use areas to rest. If you have very delicate or very expensive furniture, you may want to keep pets out of the room altogether.

Another option is to purchase a removable sofa cover that is machine washable. The first time you buy furniture, it's a good idea to cover it with a protective cloth. These things really work. Once your sofa is covered, it's surprisingly easy to clean up spills by simply vacuuming it up.