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Residential Roofing Statistics You Should Know

A roof on a house regardless of whether it's residential or commercial is, in all likelihood, the most significant feature due to numerous reasons. It protects against the elements as well as keeps the home comfortable and warm and also protects the structure of the building, among other things. The roof is also a factor in increasing the value of the building the most, which is why it is vital to select the best residential roofing contractor in Erie, PA.

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The roofing systems are very complex with numerous factors to think about including the type of materials, project estimation as well as the proper installation technological advancements. Even considering all of these factors the statistics indicate that there are positive times in the future for the roofing industry. The residential roofing industry in Duluth, GA, has gained not only popularity but also recognition from the market for its high-quality service.

In the roofing industry contractors in the field carry out maintenance, installation, and repairs to roofing systems of commercial structures as well as residential properties. The work involves the installation and treatment of roofs which comprise a coating, painting, and spraying. 

The roofing industry is growing, the roofing industry. We will look over the important statistics one should be aware of when running an enterprise in the field of roofing.

Market Research states an expected growth of 4.9 percent annually for the industry of roofing. Also, it is predicted to grow to $20 billion in 2022. This staggering figure shows how crucial roofs are in the present and how important they will increase as more structures are built in the coming years. Furthermore, over 79% of experts in roofing believe that commercial roofing will grow through 2022. 

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