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Modern Packaged Boiler Operation Training

The second half of the early 20th Century saw the introduction of more strict production standards for boilers, specifically with regard to welding technologies and inspections as well as the development of control systems using digital technology that offer an unparalleled degree of security. 

The latest, microprocessor-based high-integrity "Boiler Control System" (BCS) can complete all the tasks that are traditionally carried out by an experienced operator, allowing for an extended period of automation without any human intervention at all. The most important feature of modern boilers that are packaged is that they're designed to run without supervision for long durations. You can also get more information about boiler operation via

The level of supervision provided by human beings and training for operators is determined by the advanced technology that is built into the "Boiler Control System" (BCS). They are specified within local boiler codes as well as standards that differ greatly between regions. 

For instance, in certain jurisdictions, high-pressure boilers are classified as any type of boiler that operates over one BAR (approximately 15 psig) pressure. In addition, regardless of any other aspects that it must always be controlled by an operator who is qualified. 

Some jurisdictions place limitations on the capacity for unsupervised operation, but in many cases, boiler codes as well as other pertinent laws have been updated and expanded to meet the demands of industry for this type of boiler.

The boiler's operation has advanced to the point wherein many states the operation of a fully-staffed boiler is uncommon except for large, complex boilers. However, there are exceptions for large power utilities chemical recovery boilers, and similar processes that integrate the boiler is an essential element.

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