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Learn More About Overhead Shower Options

Taking a shower is a very relaxing experience and it is worthwhile to find a functional shower that will provide you with the perfect shower. Depending on your preferences and other factors, you can choose between a side shower or an overhead shower. 

Shower heads usually come in a variety of styles, such as Single function, conventional and popular multi-function styles, with a variety of spray patterns. You can also browse this website to get more information about overhead showers.

overhead shower

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You can also add many other features to your bathroom for the best shower experience.

Top shower

The shower enclosure series, also known as rain showers, are compact and sturdy showers with a large flat head that hangs right above you. Various shoulder options are available to ensure a suitable height for bathing. 

Some of the ceiling constructions in the water shower series contain water tiles that are attached directly to the ceiling. They are ideal for standard ceiling heights.

Find the right bathroom

A suitable shower enclosure can save water and energy while making your bathroom a fun and environmentally friendly place. The newer shower models have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of water absorbed by the older models while keeping the water pressure at an acceptable level. 

The ceiling is fixed to the wall, fixed above

The shower ceiling has a fixed height and only offers an overhead shower experience. However, they usually don't have massage sprays. Some wall-mounted showers are flexible enough to provide a shower experience under your head, whether you choose S-shaped sleeves or just rectangular sleeves. 

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