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Know More About Cervical Cancer Specialist in Kenya

Cervical cancer is caused by a virus named human papillomavirus, or HPV. You can be infected with HPV by getting in touch with a person who has it. There are many varieties of the HPV virus. Not all sorts of HPV cause cervical cancer.

If you contract HPV, make sure any future health care professional you see knows you are infected, so they can take measures to watch for the tiniest changes in your cervix. For a complete cervical cancer screening and treatment in Kenya you need to take help from a reliable and well-experienced doctor.

A leading cancer specialist discusses the various surgeries, as part of cervical cancer treatment in Kenya, that play an important role in the treatment of and recovery from cervical cancer. Cervical cancer, if diagnosed in its early stage is usually treated with the help of surgery.

The specific type of operation suitable for your treatment is dependent on the stage and size of your cancer and whether you plan to get pregnant in the long run.

The several surgery options may include the following.

  • When the size of the cervical cancer is very small there's a good possibility to entirely remove cancer using a cone biopsy.

  • The procedure incorporates the extraction of a cone-shaped portion of tissues present in your cervix.

  • The remaining part of the cervix is kept intact.

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