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Know About Cloud Hosting Features

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that runs on virtual servers and lets you enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the cloud. In this article, we explain what cloud hosting services are, what their main features are, and how they benefit our business.

Cloud hosting services can be offered in various modalities depending on the main characteristics:

IaaS cloud hosting: In this case, we offer the entire infrastructure as a service where we can provide our environment. This model offers more flexibility, but requires a high level of computer skills.

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PaaS Cloud Hosting: A platform that is offered as a service and on which we can install and develop our applications.

Hosting in public cloud: This is the most common case where the hosting is on servers and data centers that are accessible via public networks so that you can get the most out of the cloud.

Private cloud hosting: On the other hand, when the security and access policy requirements are more stringent, it is possible to find cloud accommodations that are owned by our company.

Hybrid cloud hosting: A modality that combines the benefits of the public cloud (to achieve scalability and flexibility) with the privacy of the private cloud (for more sensitive applications).

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