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Kids Bedroom Accessories That Will Make Your Child’s Room More Fun

If you're looking for ways to make your child's room more fun, you can try a few simple ideas that will make the room feel more fun. Decorative kids bedroom accessories are the easiest way to bring a playful feel to your child's room, and there are plenty of ways to create them. Some decorative accents include wreaths, garlands, and wall art clips. Picture frames can be used as decorative accents as well. Wall clocks are another option, and they look especially good affixed to a twin bed.


Decorative accents for a kid's room can be functional as well as decorative. For example, a bookend can help a child complete their homework, while a drawer organizer can make organizing drawers a breeze. Your child's favorite colors and patterns are great themes for a children's bedroom. A piggy bank, a popular option for parents of young children, can also help teach children about saving money.

Lighting is still a big part of decorating a child's room, and you can choose matching light fixtures to match the color theme. A light in Marshmallow Pink by Bragg & Co is an adorable option, and its patterned lampshade adds a fun touch to the room. A string of fairy lights can add a cosy atmosphere to a kid's room, and they come in gorgeous patterns. You can even find fairy lights that match the decor of the room.


Lighting is a key feature of a kids' bedroom, and the perfect combination of bright colors and matching accessories can create a room that reflects sunlight and encourages sleep. A smart scheme starts with a white wall decoration, which will reflect the light, and geometric shapes paired with dots or spots. Adding fairy lights to the room can also create a cozy atmosphere, and they come in beautiful designs. Whether you go for fairy lights or a string of lights, there's something for every child's bedroom.

Decorative accents add a playful element to a child's bedroom, from fabric-covered curtains to felt-pom-pom wreaths. Picture frames and wall art clips are other great additions to the room. Clocks are another great way to add fun touches. And if you're on a budget, a wicker or vintage clock can be an excellent option for a child's room. It's the little details that count when decorating a child's room.


When you're designing a child's room, a great way to add style and warmth is to layer your rugs. A thin cotton rug can help you avoid the tripping hazards that many children face, but it also adds extra warmth and comfort. Thin cotton rugs are also easy to clean. However, they are best used for older children, and not for babies. Buying a rug for your child's bedroom should be done carefully to avoid injury.

Choosing a rug for a child's room can be a challenge. It's important to look for a rug that is soft and plush, and made of natural materials. Choose a rug that is stain-resistant and machine-washable. Also, choose a bright, bold color to stimulate your child's development. For example, a cotton red rug will look good in a child's room if the rest of the room is white. Since kids' rooms are a place to play, it's important to choose a rug that will keep your child's attention on his or her toys, not on the carpet.


If you're planning to decorate a child's room, one of the most important things to consider is the lighting. While you want to keep the room bright and inviting, your child may want to use whimsy in the selection of lighting. In such cases, a ceiling light is ideal, as it brightens the room evenly and helps you see clearly while doing practical tasks. If you're going for a vintage look, consider hanging lights, which come in a variety of styles and are often hardwired.

Another popular option is night lights, which don't require installation. They come in cute designs and can be filled with colored light bulbs. Some animals have their own night lights, which look like stencils or outline. Other options include an octopus-shaped kids' night light, which comes in yellow, pink, and purple colors. Alternatively, you could consider a deer-shaped night light, which has eight LED effects.

Toy storage

Toy storage can be an excellent feature of kids' bedrooms. These shelves are useful for storing various kids' items and are convenient for children who don't want to take them out and put them in their toy box. Having separate shelves for common and special toys is a great way to provide your kid with the right storage space, without having to spend a fortune on new storage containers. To make these shelves even more functional, you can also personalize them by screen-printing or using fabric paint.

The next step is to find storage space that can accommodate all of the child's toys. Many small rooms lack storage space, so it's essential to incorporate toy storage as part of bedroom accessories for kids. One way to maximize space underneath a bed is to buy a bed frame that includes drawers. You can also purchase a trundle bed without a mattress, which has drawers underneath it. Stuffed animals are a big problem in kids' bedrooms, so consider buying a striped fabric basket that matches the bed linens and curtains. This way, your child can sort his or her toys and put them away safely.

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