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Importance Of Fertigation Systems

Fertigation is the phenomenon in which to improve the fertility of the soil, with water and applied/distributed in addition to the drip system for watering the area or together with the irrigation or spray system.

Copious research materials are suggesting the superiority of fertigation methods over conventional modes of fertilization for increasing the fertility of the soil.

Many fertigation systems for home usage have to be mixed with liquid fertilizers as they cannot dissolve water fertilizers in their highly concentrated form. 

Accurate nutrient positioning, in which the water travels

Micro-dose capacity, feeding only enough nourishment to crops so that there is no unnecessary lack of nutrients through washing down Because of a heavy rainstorm

The decrease in the use of water, synthetic fertilizers, and the use of other substances that might undermine the integrity of the soil are advantages of the fertigation system.

The simplest form is made up of a tank with pipes for supply, capillaries, and eventually a dripper pen. All the working systems need to be put on a fixed or raised stage, thus avoiding direct contact with the dirt.

Every system needs a tray for managing chemical spills. All the fertigation systems need to have a reverse-flow restraint device in case of potential water pollution.

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