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How To Take Care Of Surgical Drain Tube?

A surgical drainage tube is used to remove pus, blood, or other fluids from a wound. Surgical drains are typically inserted after a procedure where excess skin has been removed, resulting in a buildup of excess fluids from the body.

If you will be having surgery involving the usage of a cardiothoracic surgical drain tube, you may wonder how to properly care for them until they can be removed.

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Surgical drainage is done to reduce the risk of infection. The most common type of surgical drain carries the fluid into a collection bulb that you empty. While surgical drains can be uncomfortable, if you are well informed on their purpose and how to take care of them. 

Better handling means less chance of any unwanted complications or infections! It’s also important to make sure you’re regularly cleaning the skin around where the drain tube is inserted into your body. These areas are especially prone to infection because they are technically open wounds. Cleaning your drain sites thoroughly will ensure skin stays healthy and free of infection or scarring.

If you have surgical drains, follow-up appointments are especially important to keep. During your follow-up appointments, your doctor will assess where you are at in the healing process and determine whether or not you are ready to remove drains. It is important to keep these appointments and follow all doctor’s orders for a smooth and speedy recovery.



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