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How to Recover Your Password?

Sometimes, a person forgets his/her credentials as there many other important things to keep in mind. So, a person can forget passwords for these ordinary sites. If you too did for Mywifiext then, there is nothing to worry about as there is an option to recover your password. So, follow these steps mentioned below to Recover your Password:

  • Plugin your Extender to a power source. The LED lights will light immediately after that.
  • Connect your PC to extender via Ethernet Cable or connect any other wireless device to Extender.
  • Then, launch any browser like Chrome, Edge, etc.
  • Now, enter mywifiext in the address bar and search.
  • Now, a page will be displayed where you can log in to Mywifiext.
  • Since you don’t know your password so, click on the username & password help link.
  • After this, the site will ask you a few security questions to verify if it’s really you.
  • Answer all according to questions and then, click on the Next option.

Now, the site will take you to the page where your username and password will be displayed. Now, you can log in again and can access your account.

If you don’t remember security questions as well then, by pressing the factory reset button on it, you can reset your Netgear extender. Then, wait for a few minutes and log in using default login details.

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