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How to maintain an air compressor in Australia?

In Australia, a good compressor is essential for the production and woodworking industries. Properly maintaining your air compressor is essential for powering and using pneumatic equipment. Your pneumatic tools and your results are dependent on your compressor's performance. It is therefore important to ensure their optimal performance. You can also read more about air compressors online.

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The Owner's Manual – In Australia, to properly maintain your compressor or any other piece of equipment, you must first learn how to use the owner's/operating manual. Although many crafters view their manuals as inferior to their vast knowledge, they contain a wealth of valuable information that will allow you to ensure that your compressor runs at its best for as long time as possible. Follow the operating manual's guidelines and you will not be lost.

Storage – Another important aspect is where you store your compressor. It doesn't matter if you use your compressor every day or if you store it at night, the compressor must be kept in a dry, cool, dust-free environment. You should cover your compressor to protect it from the elements.

Types of Compressors – There are two types of compressors: those that need regular oiling (designed to be used in heavy industrial applications) and those which are oil-less and do not require oiling (designed to be used in lighter-duty applications).

Although oil-less compressors are easier to maintain, they wear faster and require more frequent replacement. Compressors that need oiling require a little more maintenance, but they are worth it. A rejuvenating oil bath is a must, as well as regular maintenance. This ensures the compressors' health and longer life span. 

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