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How Effective Is Medical Marijuana to Treat Drug Addiction?

Many people see addiction as a disease that requires treatment. Many people who suffer from substance abuse see their lives ended. However, the legalization of medical marijuana centers on the use of medical marijuana to treat people who are incurable. 

Medical marijuana for pain has long-term effects which is the main reason patients seek alternatives to pain relief. Opioids, including heroin, are readily available and prescribed to patients. The consumption of this medicine is intended for a shorter period of time as determined by the doctor. 

However, some patients take it without a prescription. Some also consume more than prescribed. This overdose in turn made these patients tolerant of the analgesic effects of opioids. Furthermore, the patient sees the need to increase the dosage and eventually develops an addiction to the drug for pain relief.

Cannabis is classified as a drug according to Scheme 1. However, studies have not found that it has habit-forming properties. In fact, the long-term effects of marijuana on the human body have not been identified.

Studies show that injecting tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) helps users get rid of addiction to solid drugs. THC also increases alertness and puts patients in a position to assess their life. Therefore, many addicts who have used marijuana for treatment have shown faster treatment.

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