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How Can An Automated Checklist Ensure A Smooth Employee Onboarding Process?

Onboarding is so complex in HRMS that many moving parts must be coordinated in order to successfully transfer a new employee to the organization. There are several tasks that need to be done, and if done poorly, can affect retention. It is important to follow the automated onboarding process via to manage the daily tasks.

It was very difficult for HR’s to manage and monitor as it required the coordination of many departments which had to rely on to be timely and effective. All wanted an automated way to monitor and manage the integration process from start to finish, delegate tasks to the team, and tell them what steps to take so they can get started quickly and easily.

HR already has a pre-built onboarding checklist that highlights all tasks related to task history, task owner, and priority. Employees can submit all their manual and paper-based assignments to the HR application. 

Intuitive task modules and checklists guide employees and their teams through repetitive tasks that need to be performed for seamless integration. Whenever a new employee joins, the appropriate team member is automatically assigned the entire number of tasks with a specific timeline, and managers can monitor tasks, track their progress, and know their status.

This saves a lot of time for the manager and his team because they know the new recruiting activities they need to do. In addition, managers can identify unfinished/overdue tasks, follow up with other stakeholders and streamline the entire participation process.

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