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How A Recruitment Agency Works In Vietnam

A recruitment company or an employment agency is an agent between an organization that is thinking about hiring employees from external specialists and any individual who is seeking a job.

The successful recruitment agency in Vietnam understands the job description and job specifications handed over by the organization and then starts to seek out the most suitable person for the job. There are public and private recruitment agencies. Some of these agencies are also available online.

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How does a recruitment agency work?

The working mechanism of a recruitment agency varies a lot from one to another. However, the basic pattern that all recruitment agencies follow is:

First of all the organization sends a job description to the agency regarding the vacant position.

The agency then shortlists the applicants from the pool of resumes and CVs that they have stored on their database.

The organization is provided with the shortlisted CVs, from which they select the desired individuals for an interview.

A recruitment agency is responsible for providing the organization with the proper list of potential employees, as this is what they are paid for. Agencies have comprehensive knowledge about the employer. 

They understand the business and its specifications and also that selecting the right employee depends on the pool generated, therefore they make sure that they generate the precise pool of candidates. To generate the desired pool they use the job description provided by the employer. It is the main tool used in creating an advertisement for a job. They need to make sure that the content is precise and clear, as this will attract people with the required skills and knowledge and prevent people not fit for the job from applying.

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