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ECommerce Tips – Optimizing the Checkout Process

For the purposes of this discussion, we will not get too technical though. In my experience, most small business owners (and even many big brands) still have not mastered the basics so thats what we will start with.

Here are some tips to help you analyze the investigation process of your eCommerce site. For more information aboutecommerce ppc management visit

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Get an objective perspective. Chances are you have spent hundreds of hours building, building and optimizing your eCommerce site. You are very close to the problem.

We all have time where we are editing page content for example, and we review and read it dozens of times and remember the same type-O every time. Ask your friends, coworkers, family, even strangers, visit their website and make a purchase, and report their feedback.

Make it easy to buy. Remember, your number one objective after a customer has decided to make a purchase, is to get their money as quickly as possible! The most beautiful product photography or site content means nothing if your customer can’t easily find the “buy now” button. Pay attention to the flow and navigation of the check out process as well.

We read left to right and top to bottom. For example, don’t put a button to continue check out button on the left side of the page if the customer needs to fill out information on the right side of the page.

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