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Different Elements of Custom Stickers

Personalized stickers have become a new trend in today's world (;) They seem to invade every aspect of life, from work to leisure to home. However, it is important to look at the different elements of custom decals to appreciate why they have become a modern decor course.

You can buy best custom stickers via for packaging. Following are the different elements of custom stickers that make them stand out from other products and help them reach their target audience:

• Sticker color

• Sticker shape

• Sticker drawing

• Text on sticker

• Purpose (subject) of the label

Color is an important factor to consider when designing a custom sticker. Red and Yellow are the main colors (typical) that form the basis of the sticker to be strong and eye-catching enough to attract attention. And (but) colors like cyan, magenta, blue, green and many other combinations are used on top of the base color to make the sticker more interesting. 

The color of the sticker is also related to the purpose of the sticker – for example, children and teens are more likely to choose funky colors than adults and businesspeople who prefer dark colors.

Also the shape of the sticker says a lot about the sticker. Events like concerts etc. Whether as decorations in children's and teens' rooms they will use fancy shapes during serious business events or as decorations in adults' rooms or drawing/dining rooms can use traditional shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles etc. Forming; as well as the colors associated with the sticker theme.

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