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Dealing with Babys Fever and Cold

Your first instinct when your baby gets a cold or fever is to take him to the doctor. Mild and mild fevers are not uncommon and don't usually require a visit to a doctor. Instead, you can manage your child at home. These are some home remedies for fever and colds.

A professional should be consulted if your baby has a fever above 105 degrees rectally or is accompanied by signs such as dehydration or a stiff neck or purple patches on the skin. For mild fevers, you can keep your baby cool by using compresses and a warm bath. You can also order baby fever medicines online via

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Keep an eye on your baby and give her fluids. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, avoid giving her any over-the-counter medications. Fever is the body’s way to fight infection. It's best to allow it to do its job when possible. Rest is the best treatment for minor colds. Your child might not be able to rest well if they have cold symptoms. 

Congestion relief can be achieved with a vaporizer or in the bath. If your child is extremely uncomfortable, an over-the-counter cold medicine may be used. Follow the instructions of your doctor or the label for dosage guidelines. However, weight should be considered first. A cold should clear up within a week. If they don't, check for signs of an infection in the ears.

They can be unrelated crying such as crying while lying down, tugging on the ears, or turning and tossing during sleep. These symptoms should be reported to your doctor immediately. Talk to your pediatrician about his recommendations regarding treating colds and fevers.


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