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Common Problems Associated With Wisdom Teeth In Colleyville

Wisdom teeth are in the jawbone until they are 17-26 years old when they begin to push out of the jaw and through the gums. Several thousand years ago, when our diets were different and our jaws were much bigger and healthier, it was a painless process. There are some clinics that provide the wisdom teeth removal care services in Colleyville.

But now, with our smaller, more graceful jaws, the appearance of wisdom teeth in Colleyville is much more problematic. When that happens, a wisdom tooth can:

• Apply pressure and you can damage the second molars

• Makes the upper gums very susceptible to bacterial infections

• causes jaw stiffness

• Chronic headache radiating from the jaw

• Pain, swelling, and inflammation of the gums behind the mouth

• Common illnesses.

Messy wisdom teeth circles

Wisdom teeth in Colleyville are usually misaligned. Instead of straight up or down from the jaw, they do it at an angle. They can be inclined to or from the second molars or lying on their side to or from the cheek. 

The teeth of wisdom In the Colleyville circle: What To Do

Once you suspect that your wisdom teeth are likely to be erupting or are 18 years old, you should seek professional attention from this two-step oral surgeon. 

By paying attention to what's happening above and below the gum line, you can get the treatment you need to prevent all these uncomfortable and painful problems from developing.


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