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Choose Corrugated Packaging To Protect Your Product

Corrugated cardboard packaging is the preferred material for shipping and is used in over 90% of all cardboard boxes and packaging produced. Corrugated packaging substance is easy to recognize and usually consists of folded sheets sandwiched between two flat sheets. 

Next time the product is delivered to your home or shop, check the wall of the item box. Is it thicker than a sheet of cardboard, thin as paper? Are the walls lightly soft? In this case, the walls of the custom shipping supplies boxes will most likely be made of corrugated cardboard. Although these materials are widely used to make shipping and distribution boxes, they can also be used for other purposes, such as for pallets, display units, and storage space.

How to Decide What Packing Materials to Use for Your Products Gilbert USA

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What are the benefits of making use of corrugated packaging? Corrugated cardboard packaging is an inexpensive, strong but lightweight substance that protects the items inside from storage to shipping. It's also environmentally friendly.

Companies in various industries use corrugated packaging to protect their products. For example, farmers use corrugated cardboard packaging to transport fruit and vegetables that are easily injured or damaged. Depending on the product being shipped, removable plastic or wax packaging can be added to the container as a moisture barrier. 

Corrugated cardboard packaging isn't just for business use. People often use corrugated cardboard packaging to protect the fragile or volatile items they send to friends and family members. There are many options to choose from for your corrugated cardboard box design, such as the size of the box, the amount of space required for extra padding between your product and the inside of the box.

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