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Casual Diamond Jewelry: A Basic Guide To Choosing Your Style

So you've just come back from a shopping trip to the mall and you've picked up a diamond necklace that's just perfect for your outfit. But how do you know which jewelry style is right for your personality? There are many options, but it's hard to find the best fit when all you know is that you want something simple and beautiful.  

What is Casual Diamond Jewelry?

Casual diamond jewelry is that type of jewelry that is typically worn on a daily basis, in place of more formal pieces. Casual diamond jewelry can be made up of rings, necklaces, and earrings.

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Typically, these pieces are made out of less expensive materials such as gold or silver, and are not adorned with diamonds in the traditional sense. They may instead have smaller diamonds set in platinum or other metals. 

Here are a few more tips on how to take care of your diamonds: 

-Store your diamonds in a safe place away from moisture and dust. A sealed box or jeweler's case is ideal. 

-Avoid contact with grease, oil, water and harsh chemicals. 

-Never use a diamond cloth or polishing cloth on your diamonds – these can scratch them. Instead use a soft cotton cloth or chamois leather pad. 

-Do not expose your diamonds to direct sunlight – this can cause them to lose their color and brightness. Instead keep them in a dark storage area or wear them during the day when the light is filtered through an open window or under a lamp.  

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