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All The Facts You Need To Know About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a procedure that's done to replace your tooth roots with a metallic screw fixture in replacement of missing or damaged teeth. An artificial tooth that resembles the previous one is affixed. 

Dental implant surgery is an alternative approach to dentures or bridges if the natural root is incompatible to them. You can click over the link contact us to talk to the dental implants service provider.

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The process of implant surgery depends on the implant model to be used, and your state of the jawbone. Tooth implant surgery has numerous approaches. The primary role of dental implants is to support the new artificial tooth. 

Why Dental Implants Are Done

Dental implants are invasive, and they require surgery on your jawbone. The implants act as the root of your missing tooth. Specialists ensure that the titanium fixture fuses with your jawbone without slipping, to avoid damage. 

Precisely, dental implants suit you if you:

  • Have missing teeth

  • Have a jawbone that's healthy and fully grown

  • Have a suitable jawbone to support the implant, or you can withstand bone grafting

  • Are having healthy dental tissues

Implant dentistry offers permanent solutions in the replacement of damaged or missing teeth. They ensure the natural functionality of your tooth is reached and that you have a better outlook. The Process of Dental Implantation

If you have missing teeth, a permanent replacement is needed. Your dentist examines your jawbone and your mouth tissues to determine whether the tooth implant procedure fits you. Your jawbone and gums should be healthy. In case you have gum disease or cavities, we treat them before the implant surgery.


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