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All About Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are very popular today. They are used by various types of devices such as electric cars, power tools, laptops, and smartphones. Since they are widely used in mobile devices, people are looking for ways to extend their life.

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How to use lithium-ion batteries?

Do not expose it to very low or high temperatures

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause the battery to deteriorate more quickly. They can also cause this equipment to ignite and explode. If your phone or laptop is overheating, make sure it is not turned on.

All manufacturers suggest parking the electric car in the shade and not turning it on when it’s hot outside.

Avoid charging too low or too high

If you keep your battery very low or completely full, you are charging your battery a lot. Ideally, you want to save your battery when it has 80% power remaining. Alternatively, you should unplug your smartphone as soon as it reaches 100%.

Smartphone giants LG and Samsung say that their smartphones should be plugged in as soon as the battery charge drops to 20%.

Avoid using a fast charger

If you want to reduce the emptying rate, you can close power-hungry apps, turn off location services, and reduce screen brightness. The use of fast chargers also shortens battery life significantly. Also, using this charger will not extend the battery life.

Do not store the battery in a humid environment

Battery degradation is of two types: fading performance and fading capacity. Power fading refers to the reduction in the amount of power a battery can deliver. On the other hand, fading capacity refers to the decrease in the amount of power a battery can store.

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