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Airport Parking – Which Type of Parking Provision to Choose

It should be simple, you have booked your flight and now you need to book car parking at your departure airport. However, when you search the internet for airport parking, the options are perplexing. 

You may think that price is the only criterion, you are only parking your car. However, if you make the wrong choice you may find that your journey can be affected in a harmful way. Here we examine the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice. You can also go to to avail international airport parking services.

On-site airport parking

At first glance, this seems to be the most obvious option. All airports have their own short and long-term parking. However, on-site airport parking is often extremely expensive. Also, it may be the official parking for the airport, how far is it from the terminal? Imagine having to park your car in the rain and find that you have to take a long and arduous walk to the terminal with your luggage.

Meet and greet parking

For people in a hurry, Meet & Greet services provide a well-organized service to pick up your car upon arrival at the airport and be there to meet you upon your return. Again, very expensive. Also, research any meet and greet company you are considering handing over the car.

Off-airport parking

Off-airport parking is always a cheaper option. However, be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes for a shuttle transfer and possibly up to a 20-minute drive to the airport and back to your car when you return. Check the time/distance from the airport and the frequency of shuttle transfers. Again, check if the car park is deployed 24/7.

Park at my house/in my drive

There are a number of Internet sites that have signed up enterprising individuals living near airports (and other major facilities) who will rent their drives to airport parking. Again, check the distance from the airport and how you'll get to the terminal in your car. There is an element of security in a third-party Internet site that attempts to enforce previously agreed upon agreements. However, you are dependent on the person actually holding the place for you when you arrive.


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