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A Long-Lasting Craze of Salted Caramel

Everyone Loves Salted Caramel at Wedding

It is no secret the salted caramel trend is greater than ever everywhere. The variety of sweet and salty coffee options at weddings is endless! The salted caramel flavor was declared a hit back in 2008 by various food channels and trends. It reports the essential flavor of salted caramel is still able to entice our senses. 

Caramel versus salted caramel

Caramel candies are prepared by simmering sugar until it changes to into a light brown color before mixing it with butter, cream, and vanilla. After cooling down it turns soft and chewy. Salted caramel is created by sprinkles of fleur de sel as well as any sea salt, on the top of the mix. 

Since the demand for sea salts that are gourmet began to rise, its use in caramel-based treats started to grow too. If you also love salted caramel, you can check to purchase sea salt caramel coffee alternative online.

The huge attraction of this salty and sweet combination is easy to understand, that blending two flavors enhances the taste. 

Salted caramel is drunk all the time, everywhere

The rising popularity of salted caramel candy eventually led to the creation of various other candies. Since it is made from cream, butter, and lots of sugar, it's the perfect flavoring for dairy-related items. 

The salted caramel's popularity has led to many menu options and other specialty items, the appeal of salted caramel is continuing to increase in popularity and shows no indication of slowing.

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