Month: June 2016

Not every home has a large living room area but as luxurious barely hampered by such restrictions, you can apply some innovative home decor ideas to add charm to your room. All you need to do is add some clever patterns, designs, and arrangements to make it look fancy. 

With some clever positioning of furniture in the room, you can make it wider than it actually is in reality. Even the royal angle can be made if you apply some artistic charm to it with some home decor products. We had brought some living room design ideas that can elevate the look and feel of the living room space.

Light shades and curtains: Maximize space lighting in your living room space with beige curtains and color to complement the color of your walls. A strong tone of the color can be used on walls and furniture that has a simple pattern. A lamp on a small table with a few picture frames in the corner can be the perfect addition to the extent to which such.

Bold Floorings: Using strong colors and elegant tone on the carpet floor to maximize the feel of even a small living room area. You can go all thick on the floor and demand some natural accessories like plants to create a unique look in the settings. Leather furniture with a simple design perfectly complements the type of living space.

Adds Versatility: Use some simple stools mixed with smart settings to create a coffee table that looks like a banquet space. A glass tray for handbooks and flowers will add a unique charm to this living room by far. The use of a shelf in the corner with an elegant mirror design can further alleviate the elegance of this arrangement.

Storage Seating: Some limit the use of the floor is always advisable in such a limited setting. You can use furniture that doubles as storage space and seating space. Hang ceiling lights to add to the charm of this guest room setting.